GPS Line Marking

GPS Line Marking

SportsTraq is a universal GPS Line Marking & Auto-Steer solution designed to retro fit on to new and used Field Commander lines of equipment. SportsTraq offers easy to learn iPad software coupled with intuitive joystick controls that fits your current equipment. Not only can you paint fast, SportsTraq offers scalability to do more! Mow, aerify, seed, snow removal and much more.

How it Works

After installation of control elements, you only need to download our app on an iPad. Login, and you are ready to paint! Our apps are simple & relevant for easy use!


  • iPad Interface
  • Sub-inch accuracy & repeatability
  • Remote technical support
  • Superior line quality
  • Fast! Paint at high speed, up to 10MPH
  • Works with any Brand of paint
  • All fields are saved for overmarking


Al Hentges (763) 443-0431